Monday, March 23, 2009

Spring Break

Well, its spring break. What does that mean for me? Unfortunately it doesn't mean a ski trip (hopefully next year) or the beach. But it does mean that I will have so many more opportunities to just spend time with students (since they aren't sitting in school). Which is the part that I love most about my job (you would think that it would be sitting in an office but its just not). Just yesterday some of us went out to the field and played some softball (really just hitting and fielding). We had a great time and I already got an early start on my farmer's tan (more like burn). There's no telling what I may do this week, hopefully the weather stays nice and provides even more opportunities to do stuff outside. I may play sports that I never grew up playing like tennis or golf or who knows what else. But, as a youth pastor, I do love spring break!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


My sister, out of desperation to get me to blog, sent me an email telling me that I need to blog. To keep her happy, I decided I would come up with something and maybe it might eliminate this "bloggers block" that I've had for a month or two now. So, I guess here are some things that have been going on in my neck of woods.

We are doing a minor remodel to our youth area at church. For some reason right now some of our walls are black, some are blue, some are white and I just haven't been real high on them. So, we are working on remodeling the youth area to tie into our student ministry name/logo (below) better.

This has kept me extremely busy after hours. We, and by we I mean Kelly one of my youth parents who is the type of person that you want on your side when your doing a project, started off by making big signs that we will hang up when we are done. Let me just say that these signs are gonna be sweet when its all said and done. We've been mudding rough areas and patching holes in walls, sanding, taping, putting up plastic, and plenty of other stuff. At some point this week, painters are coming in to texture the walls, then we will move on to painting. Build a audio/video cabinet with dad to put in and figure out some other wall/door stuff that I haven't even been able to decide on yet. I plan on putting up pics when its all said and done.

I've also been sick the last week or so. Don't really know what I had, never went to the doctor. Mom thought it might have been the flu, but being the stubborn Martens that I am, I wouldn't stay home and rest because it would've driven me insane, so I tried to work. I do feel much better now, not completely back to normal, but thats ok.

I took some kids to Conway for a training for our mission trip on Saturday. We had a great time except for the two boring hours that we were actually in training. I tried calling my sister, but she wouldn't answer, guess she didn't want to talk to me. And, Cici's was closed! I was very upset. We all had our heart set on eating Cici's then we get there (starving) and its closed so we had to settle on Pizza Inn. It just wasn't the same.

Well, I can't think of anything else exciting and I think I've forgotten everything I've done that was more than a week ago, so have a great day!