Saturday, February 7, 2009

Prayer of Surrender

I spent the last couple days in Tulsa with my youth group at Planet Wisdom. It was a great student conference with the always hilarious Skit Guys, amazing worship with the Dutton Band, and powerful messages that, at least, challenged me to evaluate certain areas of my life.

I'm not one to share what I am about to share, and as you read you'll probably understand why, but we wrote a prayer of surrender and I just thought I would share what I wrote Friday night.

"God, I want to serve you completely. I want to live my life 100% for you. Help me to not be selfish, or scared, or lazy. Help me to not think I'm better than somebody else. Show me my brokenness and my need for you daily, hourly, every moment. Keep me from the thought that I don't need, that I don't need you, that I don't need others, that I don't need help, that I don't need encouragement. Don't allow me to ignore the issues that really hurt. Don't allow me to wear the mask that  so regularly use. Keep me from being arrogant and not allowing others to minister to me. I am fragile and breakable; help me live my life not afraid to show just that."